Project analisys and cost estimation

The CEMAR team renders effective consulting services for Engineers and Architects helping them to ideate and develop their projects and ensuring a careful preselection of materials based on their application area, without overlooking the right trade-off between aesthetics and budget.

Measuring and survey on construction site

Attention to details and successful project completion cannot occur without an accurate and precise performance of topographical survey and measurements on construction site. Our team's complete disposal for clients in both Italian and foreign markets consents to proceed promptly to other production stages.

Technical project development

Following the measurements on construction site it is fundamentally important to carry on with the development of technical designs providing the clients with a preview of the product to be created. Application of certain latest software allows the slabs of our materials to be photographed and to develop a photorealistic rendering, which is especially important for projects suggesting slabs disposed according to the "open book" pattern or "incrusted" floors and wall coverings.

Material Selection

CEMAR has always put to the fore the quality of its own materials. The product range includes different types of marble, granite, travertine and onyx originated from domestic and foreign markets. Blocks and slabs are always subject to close examination and testing before the purchase for the purpose of providing the clients with the best selection and satisfying their best expectations.

Manufacturing stage

Regular investments in high-technology equipment combined with great skills and experience of our personnel render it is possible to offer a wide range of products in more and more different and complex forms along with excellent quality and quantity standards.
Both at the cutting and polishing stages and final treatment the care for the product is always foremost.

Preassembling and packaging

In certain projects it proves to be very practical preassembling the product to verify the precision and the continuance of the vein line in addition to the exact compliance with the initial project. Every element is subject to careful testing before it is destined for packaging. In this last stage the workpieces are appropriately protected and inserted in high resistant frames or wooden boxes.

Shipment organization

CEMAR has the advantage of cooperating with the best logistics companies for the shipping of its cargoes in every part of Italy or the world whether surface transportation, sea shipping or air freight.


The services of CEMAR's team of highly specialized and trained installers provide additional value to the workpieces. The high mastery of the staff serves as a warranty and condition for the best resulting effect of the product.

Final treatment

Final treatment

The allure and the beauty of natural materials need to be ensured for a long time. CEMAR offers the clients its know-how, explaining the ways to protect the workpieces and to treat them with appropriate substances. The technology and the competent experience produce a service ad hoc based on the application area and on the specific material.

After - sale services

After - sale services

Using the services of CEMAR means to have a team of experts ready to resolve any problem likely to appear in the course of time. The after-sale service constitutes a part of a complex approach directed to the complete satisfaction of the client, since only a positive assistance experience results in full appreciation of the company's philosophy.