CEMAR is a handicraft company operating in the stone-working sector. Angelo, Lorena and Andrea, supported by their young and motivated team, continue the long family tradition handed down from generation to generation.

The decades of experience merge with high technology and expertise resulting in excellent quality standards and extensive production range.

The company's activity has always been focused on the complete satisfaction of the client providing technical support and cooperation from the project stage to the installation phase with care for the best resulting effect.

In recent years, following its success in the domestic market, CEMAR has opened up to international markets introducing the Italian style and the excellence of its products to different parts of the world.

In particular the participation in several international trade fairs allowed the Company to establish its brand as a synonym of quality and taste of “Made in Italy”.


Piazza Garibaldi - Senigallia (AN) - La piazza ritrovata


Intarsi e mosaici
Pareti Retroilluminate
Intarsi e mosaici
Intarsi e mosaici
  • Shipbuilding / Decorating bars and stores

    Shipbuilding / Decorating bars and stores

    Cemar offers materials for bars and stores, with particular attention to the segment of "light marble" - a product paired by glue with aluminium o resin and stone honeycomb panels with the scope to arrive at minimum thickness thus eliminating the disadvantage of the stone excessive weight. The extraordinary lightness and flexibility of this material render it especially applicable for floor and wall covering in the shipbuilding sector, for floor covering of elevators or overpasses, etc. Our clients also have at their disposal the paired panels made of marble and glass in various colours and with various vein lines, particularly suitable for backlit walls. Read More
  • Restoration


    Application of natural stone - historical protagonist of Italian cities - has always granted aesthetical and cultural value to our locations, especially when we think about the noble and skilled craftsmen to have manually carved it. Cemar is also involved in restoration of antiquities in marble and stones ensured by the applicable experience of its specialized employees. Read More
  • Contract


    Cemar supplies specialists and companies with solutions and services, professionalism and experience of our installers, so as to design and deliver custom-built workpieces in a vast geographical area. Read More
  • Sacred Art

    Sacred Art

    Cemar exploits its own experience in creating such sacred interior church decorations as altars, holy fonts, ambos, seats, sculptures and bas-reliefs. This specific sector includes objects of funeral art like small chapels, gravestones, vases, etc. Read More
  • Bathrooms


    A modern bathroom has become a very important place appearing to be in absolute harmony with the rest of the house decoration. Cemar deals in a variety of solutions characterised by exceptional quality and elegance, transforming this place into a inviting oasis of well-being and pleasure, surrounded by various shades and colour. In addition to coverings we manufacture table tops, one-piece wash-basin, shower bases and assembled or whole bathtubs. Read More
  • Kitchens


    Cemar produces kitchen table tops in marble, granite and conglomerations based on marble, quartz or cement, as well as kitchen sinks made from a single block and designed in various shapes, in order to satisfy personalised solution requests of the clients. Read More
  • Fireplaces


    A hot fireplace serves as an engaging place for conversation or reflection. We are able to satisfy every single demand offering custom-built project solutions with an extensive selection of materials and giving an exclusive touch to the surroundings. Read More
  • Urban decoration

    Urban decoration

    Cemar manufactures and installs floor coverings, fountains, stone benches, flowerpots, border stones, street inlets, shaped canals, increasing the aesthetic value of modern architectural tendencies. Read More
  • Construction


    Cemar is specialized in creating both standard and high quality products, supplementing to the artistic value of architectural projects it participated in. Constantly upgraded technical training and acquired skills in combination with the high technology in our possession let us build elaborate elements with advanced accuracy. Human resources along with the team spirit constitute our main strengths in the achieving of common goals. In particular we offer floor and wall coverings, capitals, moulded cornices, thresholds, staircases, poles, architraves, parapets, pool sides, etc. Read More
  • Inlays, mosaics and artistic workings

    Inlays, mosaics and artistic workings

    The mosaics and inlays in polychrome marbles represent our strength, so as to make the floors and walls real works of art.We create exclusive designs on their own or on request that represent floral, figurative or architectural subjects that become marble paintings.Our mastery, the result of decades of experience and training, is combined with the high technology and manual skills typical of craftsmen, allowing us this particular artistic processing of marble. Read More
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